Prologue Part 2: Lazarus Pit

And you will know My name is the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon thee.

The next day, Evander “Reaper” Peter took a meeting with Skyler Nguyen, leader of the The City Snakes. Impressed with the party’s ability, and in desperate need of protection, Skyler was willing to pay a high price. Felix Javik (Wraith) was very interested, but Jago Edmund Pike (Shadow) had reservations, as The Dead still didn’t know who had attacked them, who the attack was intended for, or why they attacked. Before a decision could be made, a lookout came to warn of a group of men hanging out a couple blocks down, asking for The Dead. Reaper sent Wraith, Shadow, Instert Dacunha’s Character Here, and Insert Tony’s Character here to check it out.

Once there, the party encountered a gang of religious fanatics, tattooed with crosses and a rabid zeal gleaming from their eyes. A battle ensued. At one point, a grenade launcher took out a wall that Tony was hiding behind, but the psychotic Tony lit a cigar, and stayed there, out in the open, for most of the battle. Otherwise, usual tactics were used, with Wraith sneaking around the buildings, Shadow sniping from afar, and Dacunha getting close up and punching and grappling people to the ground. When one of these fanatics was severely injured, he pleaded for his life, telling the party that he didn’t actually believe in his cause. Wanting to keep him alive for questioning, Shadow jumped on him and kept him pinned for the remainder of the battle.

Afterwards, Kathleen "Shade " Finn showed up to let the party know that the The Graveyard was also attacked, but was defended successfully. The party, with prisoner, headed back to the Graveyard.

Things of Note:

Tony’s first game.
Personality of Tony established.
Successfully defeated religious fanatics.
Kept a prisoner for interrogation.


Who exactly are the religious fanatics?
Why are they doing this??
Will the group decide to work with the City Snakes.


Fanatic’s Knife
Compensator’s Giant Grenade Launcher



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