Prologue Part 4: Black Hawk Down

We just lost the initiative.

The party was at The Graveyard when they heard a chopper come overhead. They went outside to check it out, just in time to see the chopper taken out by an RPG. Content Not Found: wraith wanted to check it out, and loot the scene, but Jago Edmund Pike (Shadow) had reservations about it, as he had once worked for Black Scar Mercenary Group, and it was most likely their chopper. Shadow relented, and the party took their van to the crash site. The chopper had crashed into the side of a high-rise, and the party split up to enter the building – some taking the fire escape, some entering from the ground floor. There were no hostiles, so the party met up on the floor under the crash, and slowly made their way up. They walked in on a firefight between the surviving Black Scar and members of the Vindicate. Always one for the element of surprise, Wraith moved in and attacked the Vindicate, with Shadow providing (unsuccessful) backup. Revenant and Ghost heard people coming from below them, and moved to intercept, while Washer moved up to aid Wraith. Then, Shadow received a phone call. It was Evander Peter (Reaper), and he was pissed. He didn’t want the party messing with Black Scar, and ordered the party to retreat. Shadow gave the order, and began falling back, while trying to cover Wraith and Washer. Wraith, after some internal deliberation, also began to fall back. Washer went wildcard and continued attacking. Meanwhile, Revenant and Ghost intercepted the late arriving Vindicates, and Revenant began the skirmish by smashing a mook through the wall in front of him.

Washer and Wraith overheard the Black Scar’s ETA for backup: 5 minutes. Wraith and Shadow continued to fall back, while Washer kept attacking the Vindicate. Washer took a few hits, but was undeterred, even when a missed shot hit a gas pipe, and began seeping its contents into the room. Shadow made continued process, climbing down the stairs to aid Ghost and Revenant, when one of the Vindicate took out a grenade launcher, and destroyed the stairs, just as Shadow reached them. Instead, he began heading for the fire escape, with Wraith not far behind.

Washer’s battle climaxed when a second shot hit the gas pipe, and the gas was lit by Washer’s discarded cigar. An explosion occurred, leaving the remaining Vindicate member burned alive. Shadow saw this spectacle from the floor below, and aimed his sniper towards the hole, though he knew who would be coming down. Sure enough, Washer jumped down the hole, taking no concern of the fire except to light another of his cigars. Washer then joined Shadow and Wraith on the fire escape, taking pot shots at the helicopter while waiting for the rest of the Party.

Ghost and Revenant were having less luck getting out. While they all but incapacitated their last foe, they could not seem to finish him off, and took precious time to do so. Once done, they began running to the first floor, but the Black Scar from before caught up and began shooting at them, grazing Ghost and slowing him down just enough for him to be the last one in the van, which had pulled up to rescue them. Wraith, driving, waited as long as he could, but an army of Black Scar reinforcements came screeching toward them, meaning that Wraith had to go. Luckily, as Wraith pulled away, Ghost was able to jump into the van, and the party escaped.

Back at the Graveyard, Reaper was furious, but there seemed no immediate consequences to the party’s actions. Wraith once again hit on Shade, and failed, again, but Ghost then tried, and was a lot more successful.

Things of note:

First game with the full party!
Black Scar could not identify the party.
Reaper is mad.


Will Ghost get the girl?
Will there be a crackdown due to Black Scar being attacked?
Was the Vindicate attack some sort of power play, or just needless aggression?


Compensator’s Tiny Pistol
Vindicate Knuckles


I’m not sure if this is accurate, and I don’t know what we could’ve got for trophies since we ran away haha

Prologue Part 4: Black Hawk Down

Seems accurate. The only think I know of that was taken was a pistol from the compensator. Lg snagged it b4 running.

Prologue Part 4: Black Hawk Down

I think I picked up brass knuckles or something from the vindicate guy I murdered. I like these little recaps.

Prologue Part 4: Black Hawk Down

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