Prologue Part 5: Stalker

Always feels like somebody's watching me...

Evander Peter (Reaper) is a bit concerned. It seems that the Black Scar Mercenary Group members from the previous encounter were killed, and he has tasked the party to try to find out what happened. He has summoned roaming member Banshee to assist. Reaper, Camilo Crespo (Einherjar), and the party go to the marketplace to gather information. There, Reaper and Einherjar send everyone off. Dacunha’s Character sits at the bar and drinks, while Tony’s Character tries to follow Reaper, but Banshee catches him and notifies Reaper, who figures Washer is just being crazy, again. Banshee drums up some business from Felix Javik (Eidolon) who agree to meet later at the library. Banshee also invites some girls back to The Graveyard that night.

Eventually, Banshee hears tale that a single man took out the remaining Black Scar mercenaries, but Reaper doesn’t believe a single man could do it. However, he tells everyone to head back to base, believing that no more information could be gathered.

On the way to the meeting at the library, the party and Javik notice, from different directions, a burning house. Kathleen Finn (Shade) stops the van when she sees a young woman being dragged, kicking and screaming, into a house across the street. Banshee and Revenant try to keep up with the advancing Shade, while Washer tries alternate routes. Jacik rushes into the burning house to see if anyone needs help.

Shade enters the home, and notices a man up the stairs. She shoots him in the head, which gives the party enough time to catch up to her. They ascend the stairs first, and get into a firefight. A couple of enemies are dispatched quickly, but a third, while incapacitated, takes a few more hits. He is beaten viciously and shot many times before finally succumbing to death. In one of the bedrooms, a scared Vindicate grabs the young woman from before and holds her hostage.

Meanwhile, Javik rushes into the house and finds a locked door, which he, after a couple of attempts, unlocks. He rescues the man and woman inside. They have only one concern, of their daughter, and begin to run to the house across the street.

At this time, Banshee and Washer enters the room with the Vindicate, and Banshee convinces the Vindicate to let the hostage go with the promise of letting the Vindicate leave. Banshee then leaves the room with the girl, closing the door behind him, and telling Washer to finish the guy off. The Vindicate realizes he is screwed, but thousands of bullets are flying towards him. Somehow, he is only grazed, and tries to run, but trips over the bed and is prone near the window. Shade puts her ear up against the door to listen to the final kill. It sounds glorious.

Downstairs, the girl reunites with her parents, and Banshee invites Javik to complete the deal at The Graveyard, where a party is starting. Everyone parties, and the girls, a gang known as the Vulgar Bitches, show up. Banshee leaves and hooks up with one of them, while Javik, awkward and not into parties, hangs out with Shade in the garage. Revenant has a keg to himself. Shadow and Wraith are on the roof, avoiding the chaos below.

Javik helps shade fix her night-vision goggles, and she excitedly tries them on. When she looks outside, however, she notices a large figure watching her from a roof across the street. She freaks, realizes that this is just the norm of living in Detroit, and goes into another room to decompress. Javik tells the party what happened, but no one can find the stalker.

The next day, the party decides to keep…the party going at a local strip club. Javik doesn’t want to go, but feels obligated. While there, they hear a commotion outside, and notice two local gangs, The Red Wings and The Lions are gearing for a fight. Bets ensue, and during the brawl Banshee and Washer steal the money, but have second thoughts and come back. The Red Wings won. Banshee’s winnings were spent in the bar.

Things of Note:

Introduction of Javik and Banshee.
The Dead are being scouted, or stalked.


Who is this mysterious person?
Is this the same person who killed the Black Scar members?
Why is Reaper freaking out, and why is he always leaving?
Does Banshee have an STD?


Assorted Sports Equipment
Shade’s Nightvision Goggles


This took so long because I was going through the emotional roller coaster known as The Walking Dead: A Telltale Adventure. Any mistakes?

Prologue Part 5: Stalker

only thing I noticed is that hey were infrared goggles not nightvision. but that’s prob not important.

Prologue Part 5: Stalker

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