Prologue Part 7 and 8: Beginning of the End

What a shitty week.

Long story short:

Black Scar found out that the party, allegedly, sells guns stolen from their armory. They were mad, to say the least, so they tried to take us hostage at the Graveyard. A battle ensued, with the help of Shadow out on a rooftop. We beat them, but Shadow died. Likewise, a battle ensued amongst the other Dead off-screen, which led to the death of Specter.

After initiating Eidolon and putting the dead to rest, everyone had to abandon the Graveyard. Shade was not pleased with this.

The Coyote, who Banshee contacted to get everyone out of Detroit, finally got in contact with the party. He had two spots open that night, and the rest would have to wait. Shade and Umbra were sent, leaving the party, Cadaver, Wraith, and 3MIIIESQ have to wait, though, the party has unfinished business.

Ghost parlays with the Mall, and trades guns and protection for a place to lay low. Banshee calls Shade and finds that she and Umbra got out of Detroit.

Things pick up when Robert Vale, leader of the Black Scar, calls Banshee, claiming to have Reaper and EIDJARHAINADINASXHAKJSDNND, and stating that he is going to have them killed, unless the party kills the leader of the Vindicate, Alix Crow. A lot of the party were eager to do that anyway, so it is agreed. Banshee is skeptical that this will solve anything, but Robert Vale says a more permanent job offer might be in order if the party does well. Banshee is still a skeptic, but Washer is more interested.

They find some Vindicate at a bar, and Ghost and Banshee interrogate one of them by putting a pistol to his junk. He gives up the location of Crow, but then a battle ensues. The party tries to escape, but Washer crashes the van and gets shot. A lot. Like a lot. However, everyone makes it out okay (except an innocent bystander and some Vindicate,) and the party hijacks a car and heads to Crow’s location.

Things of Note:

Love/Hate relationship with Black Scar…mostly hate.
Shadow and Specter are dead.
Shade and Umbra are out of Detroit.


Shadow’s Letters
Specter’s Radio
Strong Booze with a Cigar in it.
Hallucinations of Smoke Stacks.



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