Prologue Part I: Gun Running

Books, bullets, boxing, and bloodshed

The party was sent by Evander “Reaper” Peter to complete a gun run taking place in an old abandoned library. Once there, Felix Javik (Wraith) and (Dacunha’s Character Here) went inside to make the deal, while Jago Edmund Pike (Shadow) and Kathleen "Shade " Finn waited outside. Inside, Randall Villeneuve, member of the The City Snakes, awaited to make the deal. Unfortunately, things never go so easy. Shade noticed people in the back of the building, outside. Inside, Randall’s watchman could not be contacted. A fight ensued against the third party, with all of the City Snakes representatives dying except for Randall who, while nervous and clearly not used to firefights, survived thanks to a collective effort. There were many minor injuries to the party, but nothing life-threatening, and once the battle was finished the party returned to base. Wraith took both the money and the guns, but Reaper decided to honor the original deal. After Randall left, Wraith accused Reaper of setting him up, but Reaper dismissed Wraith (to which Wraith obliged) before things came to a head. In the heat of the moment, Wraith had harsh words for Shadow, telling him that Shade would never be interested (Shadow had been trying for quite some time,) which Shadow took to heart.

Things of note:

Mike’s first game.
Kyle’s first game.
Dacunha’s first game.
Signature tactics were introduced (namely Wraith’s whack-a-mole style hit and runs and Dacunha’s body punching people to death)
Deal was successful; City Snakes know we saved their guy’s life.
Wraith can’t throw knives at people a couple feet away from him.
Shadow was shot in the back by Randall (by accident, what an idiot)


Who set the party up?
What is the issue between Reaper and Wraith?


Blood Stained Book
Everybody’s Favorite Rifle


so much better than what i wrote…

Prologue Part I: Gun Running

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