Felix Javik (Eidolon)


Felix’s parents were high school teachers before “The War”.

Eamon, Felix’s father, growing up on the dangerous streets of Los Angeles, CA, turned to gang-life to survive as a child. Learning how to evade detection while breaking and entering was a way of life for him. Once he witnessed his best friend get killed by another in the gang, Eamon fled Dallas, hiding himself on trains and in cargo transport trucks until he unintentionally reached Detroit. When in Detroit, young Eamon broke into a house to look for food. Exhausted from his non-stop traveling, Eamon accidentally fell asleep on the bathroom floor. The owner of the house, Peter Javik, took Eamon in and adopted him, giving him the surname Javik. Peter enrolled Eamon in school and Eamon took after his adopted father and became a school teacher where he met his future wife, Lola.

Lola grew up the daughter of a sexually abusive father and a physically and emotionally abusive mother who blamed Lola for her father’s sexual attention. By all rights, Lola should have turned into a junkie by the age of 12 and dead by 14. Instead she excelled at school, focusing her hatred for her parents and the abuse into motivation to better her life and move away. Her family didn’t have money, so her only hope of leaving Detroit was either to run away or to do well enough in school and earn a scholarship to a private high school. She was awarded the scholarship and at 17 years of age she graduated from Crestwood Academy a year early. At the time, the Detroit school system offered a three year program in which prospective teachers would enroll and earn their Masters Degree. The student could then commit five years to the Detroit school system and their loans would be forgiven. During her second year teaching at the high school, she met Eamon Javik and two years later they were married.

Felix’s parents passion for knowledge struck him. Growing up, Felix could never learn enough, always reading well past his bedtime. During the years of conflict before Detroit’s transformation from a poverty and crime ridden city to a continental prison, Eamon and Lola Javik began taking in the neighborhood children who had lost their families to drugs, abandonment, and/or the war. In order to provide for their growing family, Eamon and Lola taught the children, including Felix, how to pickpocket and steal from the more fortunate. Once Detroit turned into a prison, the Javik’s decided to stay to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves. During this time of confinement, Mr. and Mrs. Javik began to question if they were truly doing the right thing. More and more people who came to Detroit, the harder it was to find those who needed protection and even more difficult to protect them. Once they took in the wrong teen, who gave away their location to his gang. The gang burned down the Javik’s home after looting it and killing several of the children in the process. Having buried their passports directly after the confinement, Mr. and Mrs. Javik gave up on helping Detroit and were able to leave. Felix was resolved to stay in Detroit until he was able to hunt down the one responsible for destroying one of the last good things that Detroit had.

Felix Javik (Eidolon)

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