Jago Edmund Pike (Shadow)

Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more; it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.


Name: Edmund Jago Pike
Aliases: Shadow
Current Location: Detroit, Michigan (Imprisoned)
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 6’1
Weight: 150
Skin Color: White
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Short
Facial Hair: Grizzled Scruff
Eye Color: Brown
Scars: Eyebrow, between index and thumb left hand, left elbow, left knee,.
Tattoos: Left arm: Big Brother, Right Arm: The Dead


Jago spent his childhood in front of the TV, watching the classics channel, and emulating the antics of his heroes. His father, Destin, was once a highly skilled, highly decorated general for the Marines, but he chose to leave that behind when the Black Scar Mercenary Group made him an offer. More than the money, Destin wanted to settle down; he was sick of the constant deployments and meetings he had to take around the world. Robert Vale offered him a chance to create of one of Black Scar’s training facilities, knowing that Destin’s unique skill set would make him invaluable at taking already skilled soldiers and turning them into something else all together. Jago could never grasp just how important his father was.

Jago was the only child at base, so he had no friends. He instead made friends with funny sidekicks in buddy cop movies. His mother, Alona, destroyed people’s lives. She made profit from these activities. Sometimes it was murder, but usually it was espionage. She would take something innocuous, like a strand of hair, and cause a Secretary to resign. She believed her work was art. She had been working for Black Scar when she first met Destin. She was Robert Vale’s insurance policy, had Destin not taken Vale’s offer. Destin knew this, and Alona knew that he knew. They fell in love anyway. She retired when she married Destin. Not long after having Jago, she began working again. Jago just knew his mother would leave on business trips.

Jago was taught to shoot at a very young age. He wanted to be a hero. Destin and Alona found quickly that their child was an amazing specimen with limitless potential, and not in the way parents’ think. Destin was proud, Alona scared, and there were many arguments over this. Eventually, Alona relented, and their child was trained. Jago found that he liked guns.

Jago wanted to be Rambo, but he was infinitely patient, and slow to excite. Destin’s best talent was transmuting a warrior’s tendencies into weaponry. He made soldiers. Destin would not take no for an answer, his child would hold a sniper. Jago wanted to make his father proud.

Jago spent days watching targets for practice. He would have rather been watching TV. Alona knew her child was growing up without certain qualities and defenses. Exploiting these deficiencies was Alona’s best talent. She was not very good at fixing them. She would often make things worse. Alona believed that it was her husband that was making her child worse. She was right. Jago had begun to notice these deficiencies.

Jago wanted something more. He found Abigail, and she was to be his training partner. It was not long before she fell in love. Abigail grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania, and had joined the armed forces when she was sixteen. She just wanted to be a part of something. She didn’t find it in the inefficiency of the American Army. She thought she could find it with Black Scar.

Jago thought Abigail was an amazing specimen with limitless potential. He had never felt connected to anyone before. She did not take advantage, though Destin did, pairing them together permanently, for efficiency’s sake. Abigail was naïve and earnest. It was a beautiful quality. She taught her love about the different places she had been, and the places they could go. Abigail finally felt part of something. Jago did too.

Jago didn’t know what had happened. Abigail was spotting for her love during a training exercise. She had seen something, and then felt nothing but numbness. Abigail was lying on the ground, looking at her love trying to comprehend what had happened. She was very angry, to have everything taken away, but smiled, and barely succeeded in telling her love that she had, in fact, loved him. It was wasted words. Jago already knew.

Jago Edmund Pike (Shadow)

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