They say it started when the car industry died. That’s bullshit. It started when they began shipping every derelict in the world into this hellhole and expected everyone to kill each other. No moral issues, no tax payers complaining, no problems, right? Except nobody killed nobody. Well, almost nobody. Leaders emerged. Great armies were formed, clashing more against the electric fences and stone walls than with each other. Dangerous men and women gaining skills of survival and warfare. Smugglers sent by mega-conglomerates gave us guns, food, meds, everything we needed to survive, and thrive, and rise against our captors. What we didn’t realize is that those same companies were our captors. We worked out deals, used old factories to make them weapons, vehicles, tools. They gave us technologies we didn’t even know existed outside the fence. The world changed so quickly. Then, when they were done with us, they sent in dissidents, spoke whispers in our leaders’ ears. Botched deals, broken guns, betrayals. They moved us like pawns, and that’s what we became. When someone wised up, they turned his own people against him. If that didn’t work, they’d send in assassins. We wised up, tried to fight back, but our whole life was a lie. There was no great revolution, no freedom, no peace. When all else failed, they sent in armies using the weapons we created, some of them, I swear weren’t even human. They murdered women, children, entire legions, entire factions. We never stood a chance. Now there’s nothing but remnants. Dumbass gangsters more worried about controlling their demolished corner than controlling themselves. More worried about destroying each other than freeing themselves. The warriors of the wastelands were dead.


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