Prologue Part 7 and 8: Beginning of the End
What a shitty week.

Long story short:

Black Scar found out that the party, allegedly, sells guns stolen from their armory. They were mad, to say the least, so they tried to take us hostage at the Graveyard. A battle ensued, with the help of Shadow out on a rooftop. We beat them, but Shadow died. Likewise, a battle ensued amongst the other Dead off-screen, which led to the death of Specter.

After initiating Eidolon and putting the dead to rest, everyone had to abandon the Graveyard. Shade was not pleased with this.

The Coyote, who Banshee contacted to get everyone out of Detroit, finally got in contact with the party. He had two spots open that night, and the rest would have to wait. Shade and Umbra were sent, leaving the party, Cadaver, Wraith, and 3MIIIESQ have to wait, though, the party has unfinished business.

Ghost parlays with the Mall, and trades guns and protection for a place to lay low. Banshee calls Shade and finds that she and Umbra got out of Detroit.

Things pick up when Robert Vale, leader of the Black Scar, calls Banshee, claiming to have Reaper and EIDJARHAINADINASXHAKJSDNND, and stating that he is going to have them killed, unless the party kills the leader of the Vindicate, Alix Crow. A lot of the party were eager to do that anyway, so it is agreed. Banshee is skeptical that this will solve anything, but Robert Vale says a more permanent job offer might be in order if the party does well. Banshee is still a skeptic, but Washer is more interested.

They find some Vindicate at a bar, and Ghost and Banshee interrogate one of them by putting a pistol to his junk. He gives up the location of Crow, but then a battle ensues. The party tries to escape, but Washer crashes the van and gets shot. A lot. Like a lot. However, everyone makes it out okay (except an innocent bystander and some Vindicate,) and the party hijacks a car and heads to Crow’s location.

Things of Note:

Love/Hate relationship with Black Scar…mostly hate.
Shadow and Specter are dead.
Shade and Umbra are out of Detroit.


Shadow’s Letters
Specter’s Radio
Strong Booze with a Cigar in it.
Hallucinations of Smoke Stacks.

Prologue Part 6: The Quickest Recap ever.

MMMIII, Esquire met the gang and asked them if they knew how to get out of Detroit. Banshee did, and agreed on a fee.

Vindicate met with the party to buy ALL the guns. Banshee agreed to meet them at the library to set up an ambush. After Vindicate left, Black Scar came. Banshee told them the plan, and both parties went to the library and murdered lots of Vindicate.

On the way back, we ran into a bloodied man named Simon who is now a cyborg. Ghost recognized him as his old partner.

Back at the Graveyard, Banshee told everyone that they should get out of Detroit, but wasn’t specific with the details. He plans on calling his old contact, The Coyote, and cashing in his favors.

Things of Note:

Black Scar don’t hate us yet.
Banshee gave Ghost away to the Syndicate for giggles.
Revenant and The artist soon to be known as Eidolon are besties.
3M3E is the cooooollest dood evar.


How likely is it that Shade dies before the prologue is over? I’m guessing like 80%.

A cyborg.

Prologue Part 5: Stalker
Always feels like somebody's watching me...

Evander Peter (Reaper) is a bit concerned. It seems that the Black Scar Mercenary Group members from the previous encounter were killed, and he has tasked the party to try to find out what happened. He has summoned roaming member Banshee to assist. Reaper, Camilo Crespo (Einherjar), and the party go to the marketplace to gather information. There, Reaper and Einherjar send everyone off. Dacunha’s Character sits at the bar and drinks, while Tony’s Character tries to follow Reaper, but Banshee catches him and notifies Reaper, who figures Washer is just being crazy, again. Banshee drums up some business from Felix Javik (Eidolon) who agree to meet later at the library. Banshee also invites some girls back to The Graveyard that night.

Eventually, Banshee hears tale that a single man took out the remaining Black Scar mercenaries, but Reaper doesn’t believe a single man could do it. However, he tells everyone to head back to base, believing that no more information could be gathered.

On the way to the meeting at the library, the party and Javik notice, from different directions, a burning house. Kathleen Finn (Shade) stops the van when she sees a young woman being dragged, kicking and screaming, into a house across the street. Banshee and Revenant try to keep up with the advancing Shade, while Washer tries alternate routes. Jacik rushes into the burning house to see if anyone needs help.

Shade enters the home, and notices a man up the stairs. She shoots him in the head, which gives the party enough time to catch up to her. They ascend the stairs first, and get into a firefight. A couple of enemies are dispatched quickly, but a third, while incapacitated, takes a few more hits. He is beaten viciously and shot many times before finally succumbing to death. In one of the bedrooms, a scared Vindicate grabs the young woman from before and holds her hostage.

Meanwhile, Javik rushes into the house and finds a locked door, which he, after a couple of attempts, unlocks. He rescues the man and woman inside. They have only one concern, of their daughter, and begin to run to the house across the street.

At this time, Banshee and Washer enters the room with the Vindicate, and Banshee convinces the Vindicate to let the hostage go with the promise of letting the Vindicate leave. Banshee then leaves the room with the girl, closing the door behind him, and telling Washer to finish the guy off. The Vindicate realizes he is screwed, but thousands of bullets are flying towards him. Somehow, he is only grazed, and tries to run, but trips over the bed and is prone near the window. Shade puts her ear up against the door to listen to the final kill. It sounds glorious.

Downstairs, the girl reunites with her parents, and Banshee invites Javik to complete the deal at The Graveyard, where a party is starting. Everyone parties, and the girls, a gang known as the Vulgar Bitches, show up. Banshee leaves and hooks up with one of them, while Javik, awkward and not into parties, hangs out with Shade in the garage. Revenant has a keg to himself. Shadow and Wraith are on the roof, avoiding the chaos below.

Javik helps shade fix her night-vision goggles, and she excitedly tries them on. When she looks outside, however, she notices a large figure watching her from a roof across the street. She freaks, realizes that this is just the norm of living in Detroit, and goes into another room to decompress. Javik tells the party what happened, but no one can find the stalker.

The next day, the party decides to keep…the party going at a local strip club. Javik doesn’t want to go, but feels obligated. While there, they hear a commotion outside, and notice two local gangs, The Red Wings and The Lions are gearing for a fight. Bets ensue, and during the brawl Banshee and Washer steal the money, but have second thoughts and come back. The Red Wings won. Banshee’s winnings were spent in the bar.

Things of Note:

Introduction of Javik and Banshee.
The Dead are being scouted, or stalked.


Who is this mysterious person?
Is this the same person who killed the Black Scar members?
Why is Reaper freaking out, and why is he always leaving?
Does Banshee have an STD?


Assorted Sports Equipment
Shade’s Nightvision Goggles

Prologue Part 4: Black Hawk Down
We just lost the initiative.

The party was at The Graveyard when they heard a chopper come overhead. They went outside to check it out, just in time to see the chopper taken out by an RPG. Content Not Found: wraith wanted to check it out, and loot the scene, but Jago Edmund Pike (Shadow) had reservations about it, as he had once worked for Black Scar Mercenary Group, and it was most likely their chopper. Shadow relented, and the party took their van to the crash site. The chopper had crashed into the side of a high-rise, and the party split up to enter the building – some taking the fire escape, some entering from the ground floor. There were no hostiles, so the party met up on the floor under the crash, and slowly made their way up. They walked in on a firefight between the surviving Black Scar and members of the Vindicate. Always one for the element of surprise, Wraith moved in and attacked the Vindicate, with Shadow providing (unsuccessful) backup. Revenant and Ghost heard people coming from below them, and moved to intercept, while Washer moved up to aid Wraith. Then, Shadow received a phone call. It was Evander Peter (Reaper), and he was pissed. He didn’t want the party messing with Black Scar, and ordered the party to retreat. Shadow gave the order, and began falling back, while trying to cover Wraith and Washer. Wraith, after some internal deliberation, also began to fall back. Washer went wildcard and continued attacking. Meanwhile, Revenant and Ghost intercepted the late arriving Vindicates, and Revenant began the skirmish by smashing a mook through the wall in front of him.

Washer and Wraith overheard the Black Scar’s ETA for backup: 5 minutes. Wraith and Shadow continued to fall back, while Washer kept attacking the Vindicate. Washer took a few hits, but was undeterred, even when a missed shot hit a gas pipe, and began seeping its contents into the room. Shadow made continued process, climbing down the stairs to aid Ghost and Revenant, when one of the Vindicate took out a grenade launcher, and destroyed the stairs, just as Shadow reached them. Instead, he began heading for the fire escape, with Wraith not far behind.

Washer’s battle climaxed when a second shot hit the gas pipe, and the gas was lit by Washer’s discarded cigar. An explosion occurred, leaving the remaining Vindicate member burned alive. Shadow saw this spectacle from the floor below, and aimed his sniper towards the hole, though he knew who would be coming down. Sure enough, Washer jumped down the hole, taking no concern of the fire except to light another of his cigars. Washer then joined Shadow and Wraith on the fire escape, taking pot shots at the helicopter while waiting for the rest of the Party.

Ghost and Revenant were having less luck getting out. While they all but incapacitated their last foe, they could not seem to finish him off, and took precious time to do so. Once done, they began running to the first floor, but the Black Scar from before caught up and began shooting at them, grazing Ghost and slowing him down just enough for him to be the last one in the van, which had pulled up to rescue them. Wraith, driving, waited as long as he could, but an army of Black Scar reinforcements came screeching toward them, meaning that Wraith had to go. Luckily, as Wraith pulled away, Ghost was able to jump into the van, and the party escaped.

Back at the Graveyard, Reaper was furious, but there seemed no immediate consequences to the party’s actions. Wraith once again hit on Shade, and failed, again, but Ghost then tried, and was a lot more successful.

Things of note:

First game with the full party!
Black Scar could not identify the party.
Reaper is mad.


Will Ghost get the girl?
Will there be a crackdown due to Black Scar being attacked?
Was the Vindicate attack some sort of power play, or just needless aggression?


Compensator’s Tiny Pistol
Vindicate Knuckles

Prologue Part 3: Ren Fair Politics
Fights, Knights, Fights... in that order.

Once back at The Graveyard, Evander Peter (Reaper) ordered the interrogation of the captured fanatic. This task was delegated to the newest fallen, Ghost. The party learned that the fanatics were a part of a gang known as The Path, who believe that, to pay for their sins and gain entrance into Heaven, they must send souls to Hell. The captured fanatic begged for his life, but Reaper ordered his death, to which Ghost obliged in a fist fight. The fanatic died quickly.

A week later, Reaper and Camilo Crespo (Einherjar), the #2 of The Dead, left on business, leaving the paranoid Kaede Sato (Cadaver) in charge. Cadaver had sent out Marcelino Ventura (Specter) and Yuuko Sato (Umbra), The Dead’s primary scouts, to check locations to scavenge supplies, and they had succeeded, finding an old mall filled with… interesting characters.

With such little knowledge, The party hijacked a van and made their way to the scouts. Once there, the scouts explained that there were people inhabiting the mall, dressed in medieval clothes and armor; they even had medieval weapons. Felix Javik (Wraith) infiltrated the mall while Jago Edmund Pike (Shadow) watched Ghost try to interact with these medieval men.

It seems that the people dressed up in medieval clothing truly believed themselves subjects to a king, but as Wraith found inside, not all of people in the mall seemed to believe. Ghost found this out soon enough, as while initially being dismissed a trade for supplies (they did not seem to value guns over their archaic weaponry,) a man named Leonard appeared interested. After dismissing the guards, Leonard and Ghost brokered a trade, and decided to meet at the Library that was used once before to trade.

Once at the Library (and after dispatching a couple hobos,) Wraith noticed that the place had been cleaned. There were no dead bodies, and while the windows were still broken, there was no broken glass on the floor. While this was happening, Shadow picked up Kathleen Finn (Shade) to be the driver in case something went wrong. She wasn’t excited about it.

Soon after the party set up in the library, Leonard and a couple others arrived. It was oddly uneventful until the last of the supplies had been loaded into the van, at which time a group of knights attacked Leonard, one of whom hit him with a hammer.

A battle ensued, which was fairly one sided, though one of Leonard’s crew was almost lost if not for a quick shot by Shadow.

After the battle, Leonard and his gang did not know what to do, but the party felt it did not concern them, as the deal had been done. Therefore, the party and Leonard parted ways. Back at The Graveyard, the Probie (a non-initiated member who has a grudge against Ghost) gave Ghost a few dirty looks, and Ghost gave Wraith a couple too many insults.

So, Wraith and Ghost fought. It was extremely one-sided, and Wraith almost killed Ghost before Umbra stopped the fight, and gave him first aid. It seemed their issues were settled.

Things of Note:

LG’s first game.
Personality of LG’s character established.
First inter-party combat.
Leonard and crew successfully survived ambush.


Does the King now have issues with The Dead?
What is the fate of Leonard?
How is there working blacksmith in the mall? I wanna party with that guy.


Chains’s Chains
Sir Anthony Renton’s Hammer Collection

Prologue Part 2: Lazarus Pit
And you will know My name is the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon thee.

The next day, Evander “Reaper” Peter took a meeting with Skyler Nguyen, leader of the The City Snakes. Impressed with the party’s ability, and in desperate need of protection, Skyler was willing to pay a high price. Felix Javik (Wraith) was very interested, but Jago Edmund Pike (Shadow) had reservations, as The Dead still didn’t know who had attacked them, who the attack was intended for, or why they attacked. Before a decision could be made, a lookout came to warn of a group of men hanging out a couple blocks down, asking for The Dead. Reaper sent Wraith, Shadow, Instert Dacunha’s Character Here, and Insert Tony’s Character here to check it out.

Once there, the party encountered a gang of religious fanatics, tattooed with crosses and a rabid zeal gleaming from their eyes. A battle ensued. At one point, a grenade launcher took out a wall that Tony was hiding behind, but the psychotic Tony lit a cigar, and stayed there, out in the open, for most of the battle. Otherwise, usual tactics were used, with Wraith sneaking around the buildings, Shadow sniping from afar, and Dacunha getting close up and punching and grappling people to the ground. When one of these fanatics was severely injured, he pleaded for his life, telling the party that he didn’t actually believe in his cause. Wanting to keep him alive for questioning, Shadow jumped on him and kept him pinned for the remainder of the battle.

Afterwards, Kathleen "Shade " Finn showed up to let the party know that the The Graveyard was also attacked, but was defended successfully. The party, with prisoner, headed back to the Graveyard.

Things of Note:

Tony’s first game.
Personality of Tony established.
Successfully defeated religious fanatics.
Kept a prisoner for interrogation.


Who exactly are the religious fanatics?
Why are they doing this??
Will the group decide to work with the City Snakes.


Fanatic’s Knife
Compensator’s Giant Grenade Launcher

Prologue Part I: Gun Running
Books, bullets, boxing, and bloodshed

The party was sent by Evander “Reaper” Peter to complete a gun run taking place in an old abandoned library. Once there, Felix Javik (Wraith) and (Dacunha’s Character Here) went inside to make the deal, while Jago Edmund Pike (Shadow) and Kathleen "Shade " Finn waited outside. Inside, Randall Villeneuve, member of the The City Snakes, awaited to make the deal. Unfortunately, things never go so easy. Shade noticed people in the back of the building, outside. Inside, Randall’s watchman could not be contacted. A fight ensued against the third party, with all of the City Snakes representatives dying except for Randall who, while nervous and clearly not used to firefights, survived thanks to a collective effort. There were many minor injuries to the party, but nothing life-threatening, and once the battle was finished the party returned to base. Wraith took both the money and the guns, but Reaper decided to honor the original deal. After Randall left, Wraith accused Reaper of setting him up, but Reaper dismissed Wraith (to which Wraith obliged) before things came to a head. In the heat of the moment, Wraith had harsh words for Shadow, telling him that Shade would never be interested (Shadow had been trying for quite some time,) which Shadow took to heart.

Things of note:

Mike’s first game.
Kyle’s first game.
Dacunha’s first game.
Signature tactics were introduced (namely Wraith’s whack-a-mole style hit and runs and Dacunha’s body punching people to death)
Deal was successful; City Snakes know we saved their guy’s life.
Wraith can’t throw knives at people a couple feet away from him.
Shadow was shot in the back by Randall (by accident, what an idiot)


Who set the party up?
What is the issue between Reaper and Wraith?


Blood Stained Book
Everybody’s Favorite Rifle


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