Prologue Part 3: Ren Fair Politics

Fights, Knights, Fights... in that order.

Once back at The Graveyard, Evander Peter (Reaper) ordered the interrogation of the captured fanatic. This task was delegated to the newest fallen, Ghost. The party learned that the fanatics were a part of a gang known as The Path, who believe that, to pay for their sins and gain entrance into Heaven, they must send souls to Hell. The captured fanatic begged for his life, but Reaper ordered his death, to which Ghost obliged in a fist fight. The fanatic died quickly.

A week later, Reaper and Camilo Crespo (Einherjar), the #2 of The Dead, left on business, leaving the paranoid Kaede Sato (Cadaver) in charge. Cadaver had sent out Marcelino Ventura (Specter) and Yuuko Sato (Umbra), The Dead’s primary scouts, to check locations to scavenge supplies, and they had succeeded, finding an old mall filled with… interesting characters.

With such little knowledge, The party hijacked a van and made their way to the scouts. Once there, the scouts explained that there were people inhabiting the mall, dressed in medieval clothes and armor; they even had medieval weapons. Felix Javik (Wraith) infiltrated the mall while Jago Edmund Pike (Shadow) watched Ghost try to interact with these medieval men.

It seems that the people dressed up in medieval clothing truly believed themselves subjects to a king, but as Wraith found inside, not all of people in the mall seemed to believe. Ghost found this out soon enough, as while initially being dismissed a trade for supplies (they did not seem to value guns over their archaic weaponry,) a man named Leonard appeared interested. After dismissing the guards, Leonard and Ghost brokered a trade, and decided to meet at the Library that was used once before to trade.

Once at the Library (and after dispatching a couple hobos,) Wraith noticed that the place had been cleaned. There were no dead bodies, and while the windows were still broken, there was no broken glass on the floor. While this was happening, Shadow picked up Kathleen Finn (Shade) to be the driver in case something went wrong. She wasn’t excited about it.

Soon after the party set up in the library, Leonard and a couple others arrived. It was oddly uneventful until the last of the supplies had been loaded into the van, at which time a group of knights attacked Leonard, one of whom hit him with a hammer.

A battle ensued, which was fairly one sided, though one of Leonard’s crew was almost lost if not for a quick shot by Shadow.

After the battle, Leonard and his gang did not know what to do, but the party felt it did not concern them, as the deal had been done. Therefore, the party and Leonard parted ways. Back at The Graveyard, the Probie (a non-initiated member who has a grudge against Ghost) gave Ghost a few dirty looks, and Ghost gave Wraith a couple too many insults.

So, Wraith and Ghost fought. It was extremely one-sided, and Wraith almost killed Ghost before Umbra stopped the fight, and gave him first aid. It seemed their issues were settled.

Things of Note:

LG’s first game.
Personality of LG’s character established.
First inter-party combat.
Leonard and crew successfully survived ambush.


Does the King now have issues with The Dead?
What is the fate of Leonard?
How is there working blacksmith in the mall? I wanna party with that guy.


Chains’s Chains
Sir Anthony Renton’s Hammer Collection



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