Prologue Part 6: The Quickest Recap ever.


MMMIII, Esquire met the gang and asked them if they knew how to get out of Detroit. Banshee did, and agreed on a fee.

Vindicate met with the party to buy ALL the guns. Banshee agreed to meet them at the library to set up an ambush. After Vindicate left, Black Scar came. Banshee told them the plan, and both parties went to the library and murdered lots of Vindicate.

On the way back, we ran into a bloodied man named Simon who is now a cyborg. Ghost recognized him as his old partner.

Back at the Graveyard, Banshee told everyone that they should get out of Detroit, but wasn’t specific with the details. He plans on calling his old contact, The Coyote, and cashing in his favors.

Things of Note:

Black Scar don’t hate us yet.
Banshee gave Ghost away to the Syndicate for giggles.
Revenant and The artist soon to be known as Eidolon are besties.
3M3E is the cooooollest dood evar.


How likely is it that Shade dies before the prologue is over? I’m guessing like 80%.

A cyborg.



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